Requisition Table
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Upon specimen arrival at Advanced Diagnostic Laboratory, specimen is placed into Received status
where then moved to one of the following On Hold, Rejected, PA Pending, Processing

  • Received – Specimen received at lab and billing scrub begins
  • On Hold – Specimen is held for various reasons, details inside Order by clicking on View when In Order Table
  • Processing – Specimen through QA, financial qualification, and PA (if necessary) and approved for processing
  • Rejected – Specimen rejected for various reasons, details inside Order by clicking on View when in Order Table,
    email notification may be sent to the ordering office and the account representative
  • PA Pending – Prior Approval submitted to insurance for coverage approval
    • Specimen rejected reasons; packaged or labeled properly, Past stability, missing identifiers, etc
    • Denial for coverage
      • Denial of services or procedures not covered by the policy
      • Denial because a procedure is considered experimental, cosmetic, investigational, or not medically necessary;
      • Denial because a referral was required;
      • Denial because the patient used an out-of-network provider;
      • Denial for typographical errors;
      • Denial for timeliness
      • Denial due to policy limitations; or
Record ID Specimen ID Antibody Order # ID/DL Status View Print Label Result File First Name Last Name Date of Birth Email Type Panel Name Result Date of Collection Time Physician Name Facility Name Receive Date Ins.Type Insurance Provider Added Date Return Date Patient Type School/University Location